Theme: Pick Your World

 The Worlds From Which We Rise 

With four strings unseen within His mind,
He sewed the seen into their kind.

First is Air, through which all things were wrought;
It is sharp and shrewd in thought.

Next is Flame, bright with flickering mirth;
From it passion flaunts its worth.

Third is Water, which, with might and mild,
Balances an inner wild.

Last is Earth, from which strength finds its name;
It is loyal but not tame.

From all these forms, creation unfurled,
bringing forth four dawning worlds.
Time came and passed, with pride left unquelled,
And so we rose and rebelled.
Yet in His time He broke the dark storm
By forcing Death to conform.
From first to last, we’re all invited
To be called and united.

Together, with feet synchronizing,
We join an Elysian Rising.


1.) Pick your homeworld: Air, Fire, Water, or Earth.

2.) Dress according to your homeworld. Air is white; Fire is red, orange, and yellow; Water is blue, teal, and turqoise; Earth is brown and green. (Note that these colors can be accents to standard formal attire, though we ask you make these accents obvious so as to help keep the dance thematic.)